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I’m Home Lyrics and Chords

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I’m Home
By Bro Alvin Barcelona
F                                       C
Where I feel there is hope
F                                    C
Where my joy overflows
F                                                 Am                    G
Where I’m embraced as I shout out my faith
There I know I’m home
F                            C
Where I am forgiven
F                                                 C
Where there’s pure understanding
F                                                              Am               G
Where I may bleed and there’s a hand I can reach
There I know I’m home

F                                        C
Where my heart is at rest
F                                               Am   G
Where my soul finds its peace
F                                         Am  G
Where I know my God is
There I know I’m home

F                                   C
Where I give it my all
F                             C
I will rise I may fall
F                              Am               G
I will find at the end of my call
With you my God I’ve got home

Repeat Chorus
F                                           C
And when the colors finally fade
F                              C
I’m no longer afraid
F                                   Am             G
I’m not alone with you I am strong
I am home where I belong

Repeat Chorus

There I know I’m home