Breaking Bad: Big Day

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Speaker: Bro Audee Villaraza

Big Message: Let His will be done.

God’s will.

If you want God to direct you,
you got to allow God to disturb you.

Jonah 1:1-10,15

The word of the Lord came to Jonah son of
Amittai: “Go to the great city of Nineveh
and preach against it, because its
wickedness has come up before me.”

But Jonah ran away from the Lord and headed
for Tarshish. He went down to Joppa, where
he found a ship bound for that port. After
paying the fare, he went aboard and sailed
for Tarshish to flee from the Lord.
Then the Lord sent a great wind on the sea,
and such a violent storm arose that the ship
threatened to break up. 5 All the sailors
were afraid and each cried out to his own
god. And they threw the cargo into the sea
to lighten the ship.

But Jonah had gone below deck, where he lay
down and fell into a deep sleep. The captain
went to him and said, “How can you sleep?
Get up and call on your god! Maybe he will
take notice of us so that we will not

Then the sailors said to each other, “Come,
let us cast lots to find out who is
responsible for this calamity.” They cast
lots and the lot fell on Jonah. So they
asked him, “Tell us, who is responsible for
making all this trouble for us? What kind of
work do you do? Where do you come from? What
is your country? From what people are you?”

He answered, “I am a Hebrew and I worship
the Lord, the God of heaven, who made the
sea and the dry land.”

This terrified them and they asked, “What
have you done?” (They knew he was running
away from the Lord, because he had already
told them so.)

Then they took Jonah and threw him
overboard, and the raging sea grew calm.

God knows your limitations
God is smart enough to send you and where
not to send you.

Being sensitive to the Spirit

When it comes to serving the Lord,
age does not matter.
It’s a matter of anointing.
God will equip you.

How to make Godly decisions

Your deficiencies does not define you.

Decision align with God’s mission to you.

Acts 27:31, 28:1

Then Paul said to the centurion and the
soldiers, “Unless these men stay with the
ship, you cannot be saved.”

Once safely on shore, we found out that the
island was called Malta. The islanders
showed us unusual kindness.

Is the boat that you are in right now,
better or worse because you are in it?

Jonah’s decision almost killed the people on the ship.
Paul’s decision saved the people on the ship.

Be the Paul in somebody’s life.

Embrace your cross

Watch The Full Video for this Talk Here:

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