Open Wide:Follow Francis-Follow Jesus-Talk 3-Encircle

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Speaker: Bro Alvin Barcelona

* Talking about our planet is a spiritual thing
* Care creation
* St. Francis -> calls the sun and moon as
brother sun and sister moon

* Do not just love everyone but love everything
* Planet Earth is where we live in
* Good and bad news – There’s no Planet B
* Laudato Si – “be praised” – Book written by Pope Francis
* Talking about nature

* Genesis -> God instructed us to
1. Cultivate
2. Guard

* Price of progress – climate change
* Everything affects everything
* Creation is a mirror
* If we destroy creation, creation will destroy us

3 Big reasons why you should love our home
1. Love the poor
-> when creation fights back, the poor will be affected first
-> let’s do our part for the poor
2. Love our children
3. Love God
-> you love what God loves

* We are stewards of God’s creation


Speaker: Bro JB

8 Ways How To Guard the Planet
1. Plant a tree a year
2. Recycle what you can
3. Change light bulb to LED
4. Avoid plastic bags
5. Use rechargable battery
6. Brush without running water
7. Turn off the lights and computers when not in use
8. Rethink water bottles

* When you love, it builds your character
-> it gets shared yo others
-> you will never love in vain


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