Debt-Proof Your Life – Talk 4 – Death Proof

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* The money that you keep is the money you give away to God’s purpose.
* When you give your money to God, you are giving yourself to God.
* Money is a symbol of value
* When you constantly offer yourself to God
giving will change you.

Sharing of Bro Art

* We have a generous God
* We have glorious God

Sharing of Bro Audee Villaraza

* The hardest part to give is when you are down to nothing
* Give until it hurts
* It’s not about your skills but its only thru the grace of God that He can work miracles
* Trust in God in everything

Bro Bo Sanchez

* We give not to get but because it is the right thing to do
* It’s in our nature that we give
* God is a giver
* Weather we like it or not, when you give, you also receive
– Law of recoprocity
* You need to give
* God blesses you in so many ways
* Biggest blessing of giving — change

2 Destructive Deceases
1. Materialism
– The problem is not money, but the problem is materialism
– Money becomes the center of your life – more money is not equal more happy
– You achieve Happiness only by loving
– It’s God and following God will make you happy
– More giving = more happy
– Have a purpose
2. Scarcity
– Makes you selfish

* Fuel for earning more, is so that you can give more