How To Avoid Jerks and Jerkettes – Talk 3 – Green Light

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Green Light – Go

Matthew 13:5-6
“And some fell on rocky soil where there was little depth of the earth;
 the plants sprang up quickly enough in the shallow soil.
 But the hot sun soon scorched them and they withered and died,
 for they had so little root.”

* In our relationship, we need roots that are deep enough
to reach the water of values
* The water of values must be reached by the roots
* In a relationship, we need the roots
* Some relationships started online, but you need
to know the person offline – Face to face
* You need to know the person in every season of
his/her life and vice versa
* To grow the relationship, you need
– in values – you must share the same values
– in vision – you must have the same goal or vision
– in vehicle – you must share the same vehicle in
reaching that vision
* 10 crucial areas that you need to discuss first
before marriage (Hard questions)
1. Money – how would you manage your finances?
Where would you invest? Will you open one
account, or separate account?
50% of fight is about money.
2. Kids – how many kids would you have?
When would you plan to have kids?
Which school would you let them study?
3. Religion – it is best if you have the same faith.
If not, discuss on where would you
be married? How will you raise your kids (where
would you baptize your kids?)
4. In-laws – When would be the time to visit your
in-laws? How would you take care of them?
5. Job – Where will you work? Who will take care
of the kids?
– In preparing for great wedding,
don’t forget to prepare a great marriage.
6. House – Where will you live?
Will you live in a condo or a house?
7. Roles – Do you expect the husband to clean the house?
Will the mother be working in the office or
will she be a housewife?
8. Dates – Husbands, never stop courting your wives.
Wives, never stop flirting with your husbands.
9. Exes – Will you be allowed to talk to your EX?
Can you even befriend them on Facebook?
10. Secrets – share your secrets with one another.
Build your foundation in honesty.

* 2 Decisions in Life
1. Who you will worship
2. Who will you wed
Who you will worship will guide you to who will you wed.

* Don’t over-spiritualize your discernment
* God wants you to be happy
* Happiness is the path of love
* Happy marriage entails sacrifice

Side notes:

For the discussion of the 10 crucial points, those are just examples on what questions to ask.  You can discuss more about it with your soon-to-be husband/wife.  These are crucial points not to miss to keep you from having unpleasant surprises when you get married.

To have a happy, successful marriage, it takes a lot of hard work.  It does not happen overnight.  Both of you have to work for it.  Yes, it is difficult, but it is more difficult when you have unhappy marriage and you did nothing about it.  It takes a strong commitment for both of you and the strength that only comes from the grace of our Lord.

At whatever stage you have in your life, whether you are still single, in a relationship, married, or widow, you have a commitment to stay faithful.  This means, being faithful to the will of God for your life during that stage. If you are still single, stay pure and chaste.  Love the people near you, your family, your friends and specially your neighbors.  If you are in a relationship, be pure and chaste still.  Love your boyfriend/girlfriend.  Always be close to God.  And bring your boyfriend/girlfriend also close to Jesus. And review my notes, and do it.  If you are married, be faithful to your husband/wife and children. Allow God to be the center of that marriage.  If you are a widow, love the people around you. And let God guide and heal you.  Again, at every stage of your life, always allow God to be in the center of your life.  Be connected always with Him. Allow Him to lead you. Because He loves us.  And He knows what is best for all of us. That is always the way to happiness and peace.  That is always the way to life worth living.

I thank God that despite of the typhoon, the feast went on.  Thank You Lord for allowing us to worship You once more.  You Oh Lord are stronger than the winds and the rain.  Thank You Lord for keeping us safe! We continue to worship You Oh Lord! Praise You Lord Jesus Christ, now and forever, amen!

Prayer for Protection against Natural Calamities (Typhoon Lando and the upcoming typhoon)

My Lord and my God, You are our Protector and Guide.  We humbly pray that You protect us and our families and our properties from this typhoon.  We pray that You will always be with us.  Thank You for the gift of life and for your provision. Thank You for keeping us safe. Thank You for being patient with us.  Thank You for your love.  Forgive us for the times that we said no to your love.  Forgive us for the times that we turn our back from You.  Grant us the grace to always live according to your will.  Take control over this typhoon Lando.  We also ask for your protection Oh Lord from another upcoming typhoon.  Spare us Oh Lord from natural and man-made calamities.  Be with us always, Jesus. This we pray in Jesus’ name, amen.


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