Coach – Talk 1 – Embrace

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Coach – Talk 1 – Embrace

Romans 15:7 “Welcome one another, therefore, as Christ has welcomed you,
for the glory of God.”

* If we want to change the other person,
we usually use the following tools
– Threats
– Intimidation
– Rage
Thes tools often carries with it
one thing — FEAR

* LOVE — The best tool to change the other person

* God is Love

* Rejection is painful – Bring it to Jesus
The first person who reject you is yourself.
* You compare yourself to a lie
Example – compare your body to a model
* Appreciate yourself today
* Accept and stop complaining
* Embrace others weaknesses
* Embrace yourself
* Accepting is not agreeing
You accept a sinner but you don’t accept
his sin.

* Embrace a person — you need to zoom out

1. Zoom out to include the crisis
– Don’t judge
– It is easier to ask than to judge at once
– Ask before you judge a person

2. Zoom out to include the core
– Man by nature is good because we are created in God’s image
– Accept God’s love
– Acceptance is powerful
– What would Jesus do? Embrace.

My reflection:

We are all weak.  Only God is strong.
So we have to respect, accept and embrace our weakness.
It is God who makes us strong.  Pray for that grace
of strength.  Strength to love one another, despite of
our weakness.  Jesus said, love God with all your heart,
with all your strength. And love one another as God
loves you.


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