Jesus Entrepreneur – Talk 3 – Multiply

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Jesus Entrepreneur – MULTIPLY

Luke 14:28-30
“For which of you, desiring to build a tower,
does not first sit down and count the cost,
whether he has enough to complete it?
Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation,
and is not able to finish, all who see it
begin to mock him, saying, ‘This man began to
build and was not able to finish.'”

* A business should start by wanting to share to others.
* Who you want to serve and who you want to share.
* How do you multiply your business?
– Multiply your serving.
* Serve first and the money will follow
* 4 Ways to Increase Your Service
1. Scale = Quantity
– How many people are you serving?
– Henry Sy serve 1 Million people everyday
– Use Teams and technology
– Duplicate yourself
2. Increase Satisfaction = Quality
– How many customers are happy with your service?
– Psalms 22:29
“Yea, to him shall all the proud of the earth
bow down; before him shall bow all who go down
to the dust, and he who cannot keep himself alive.”
3. Increase savings
– 60% – re-invest
– 40% – share profit
4. Increase symbiosis = Relationship
– Example:
I want to buy a book.
– someone sells a book whom I don’t know
– someone sells a book whom I know
– someone sells a book whom I like
– someone sells a book whom I love –> I will buy the book from
– 1 Peter 4:8
“Above all hold unfailing your love for one another,
since love covers a multitude of sins.”
* Best business strategy in the world is LOVE.

My Reflection:

It’s still all about relationship and love.


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