Jesus Entrepreneur – Talk 2 – Subtract

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* Are you using your special gift for the good of others?

* Just like in a tree, the fruit should be eaten by others.  The tree does not eat its own fruits.  Every gift that we have should be used for others.  This is how we can love.

* Spear vs Shield  — In a war, the spear is more powerful, because it gets the job done — it kills the enemy.

* The law of FOCUS —  Successful people are focused on one thing

* Focus is painful  — because you have to say NO to many things and say YES to only one thing.  Because when you say YES to everything, you lack focus, and you wont get the job done.

* Jack of all trades, master of none.

* What is your special gifts?  Focus on that one thing.

* 3 Things That You Need to Subtract

1. Distraction

Misconception # 1 – Winners do what’s hot.

Winners don’t care what is hot outside, but what’s hot inside him.

What do I love doing?  What don’t I like doing?

What is that one thing that you’re passionate about?


Misconception #2 – Successful people do many things.

At first, before they become successful, they master only 1 skill.

But as time goes by, when he already mastered that 1 thing, he can try out another, and focus on that new thing.

Laser Focus

In the end, they can create multiple income stream, but from the start, this is not so.  Since they are very much

focused on that 1 skill first.  And they master it.

When you are still starting your own business, subtract the following:

1. Décor — business overhead — remove unnecessary things that costs too much.

2. Personal Overhead — co-mingling of funds – Example, you are successful at the start, then, you want to reward yourself and buy yourself a brand new watch using the funds of the business.

Suggestion – 60% of the profit — revolve it in the business, or invest it in the stock market

– Simplify!

3. Delusion — pride comes before destruction

Fatal Mistake # 1 – Start big

If you start small, you make small mistakes.  If you start big, you make big mistakes.

Never hurry

Business has its own time and season.

Fatal Mistake # 3 – Borrow Big

If the interest costs at least 2% per month, don’t borrow from there.

* Go for more, if more means God.  — If more means more love, more service.

* Go back to your original why.  Why do you want to build a business?

* Do you have more of God to your life now?

* Use money to serve and love God.

* Focus more on Jesus

* Let go of the things that would draw you away from God.

My Reflection:

In the end, the reason for having a business is to love God and to love others.  Subtract what is moving you away from God.  He is the only reason for everything that we do.  Because He is our creator, and He created us and gave us gifts and talents so that we can receive His love, and that we can love Him back when we use these gifts.


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