Jesus Entrepreneur – Talk 1 – Add

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* A business should be an operation of love.
* A business without love has no soul.
* Profit is holy if your business is love.
* Success is all about training
* See everything as God’s training
* Money is a symbol of value, it represents value.
* Add value to the lives of others.
* If you want to increase your income, always think what I can  give value to others.

* Business is like a tree.  The fruit is love.  The leaves are the  money.  The more leaves, the more fruits.  Because leaves absorbs sunlight which converts it to nutrients for the tree to bear fruits.  For the business to thrive, it needs rolling capital to keep the business from getting bankrupt and for it to grow and produce fruit.

* 5 Trainings that you need to add
1.  Experience
Reflected experience is the greater teacher
Experience from service and sales
Business is selling.
2.  Experts
When fully trained, every disciple would be like his trainer.
Reason why business fail is because of pride.
Prov. 11:14 “Where there is no guidance, a people fails; but in an
abundance of counselors there is safety.”
3.  Expertise
4.  Execution
Action precedes clarity
Nobody is truly ready for anything
Adjust and correct
5.  Excellence
Everything rises and falls on the character
Love of Jesus
Can I trust you?  Integrity
Work is not just a means of earning, its a means of loving

My Reflection:

Talk 1 talks about what training we need for us to start a business and become entrepreneur.  They gave some strategy as to what to do and what should be our attitude towards business.

In the end, it’s all about love.   We are created in God’s image and likeness.  And He is love.  We are equipped with talents and everything that we need for us to share God’s love to others.  Without love, we become miserable.  Love is life giving.  Because God is himself love.


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